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"You have a story to tell, we'll help you tell it."

Words, language and images form the basis of our work. Our goal is to help you communicate effectively with your chosen audience.

Mediation. We build mult-meda presentations to help plaintiff attorneys tell the stories of their injured clients. We collect images, take photographs, shoot video and conduct video interviews with the injured person's family and friends. We build the presentation and work with the attorney to present a compelling narrative at mediation.

Arbitration and trial. Similar to our work for mediations, we assist attorneys in preparing and delivering multi-media presentations for opening statements and closing arguments. We assist the attorney by displaying exhibits electronically, on-the-fly. We also synch and edit deposition video and prepare excerpts for display on command.

Movies. We shoot and produce day-in-the-life videos to document and demonstrate an injured person's daily life. We also produce videos to tell the story of a person who is at the center of a wrongful death case.

News release. We write news releases to deliver a message in an easily understood form. We also handle distribution and follow-up.

News conference. Some news releases require a corresponding news conference. We handle all aspects of planning and producing news conferences.